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Venezuelan Media Censorship Essay - 1375 Words

Media censorship destroys the necessary objective journalism of a country and disturbs the freedom of expression of all citizens as well as the democracy of the country itself. There are many countries in the world whose governments impose such censorship in order to prevent information contrary to their beliefs to be known. The question is: how far would a government go to silence so many voices? Venezuela should be a democratic country with freedom of expression as its constitution states. The government should not violate the law by preventing the media from announcing news that all citizens and the rest of the world need to know regarding to what is happening in Venezuela everyday. It is commonly known that all citizens should have the†¦show more content†¦Consequently, the real question is, if the president of the country and the attorney general commit these serious violations to the law by censoring citizens to express him or herself, what would prevent the citizens from disrespecting the constitution as well? As mentioned before, people in charge of the Venezuelan government have made so many violations to the law and human rights that it alarmed several international organizations. To illustrate, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights received several reports and petitions in the past years in order to protect human rights violated by the government (Brewer-Carà ­as, 2010 p.386-387). Some examples of those violations are attacks to freedom of expression by closing TV channels and radio stations, and numerous physical attacks to journalists from the opposition. In fact, Venezuelan human rights have suffered in the past decade as never before, calling attention to several establishments to protect human rights as the example mentioned above. However, others might argue the distortion of this freedom of expression law by explaining that some news reports are not informed accurately. As Brewer-Carà ­as states, â€Å"the problem with this law is the definition of the â€Å"official† truth and the rejection of any other possible truth† (2010, p.153). Therefore, the view some people might argue in regard to freedom ofShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Writing1044 Words   |  5 PagesAsia† reviewed by the instructor, I started one of the sentences with â€Å"However, the amount and pattern †¦Ã¢â‚¬  in order to connect this new sentence to my previous one by showing contrast. Another example comes from my final draft of the essay, â€Å"Venezuelan Media Censorship.† Where I wrote â€Å"In addition, it is not only the fact that many†¦Ã¢â‚¬  to show inclusion to my previous sentence and connect both similar ideas. Another strength I have developed is the correct use of semicolons. For example, in the first paragraphRead MoreVenezuela s Impact On Venezuela1339 Words   |  6 Pagesairline companies.† A combination of factors have contributed to this major shortage including a â€Å"lack of foreign capital and declining oil prices† but the root of the problem ultimately comes from the countries â€Å"socialist economic policies.† The Venezuelan government has also been accused of both lies and propaganda regarding how they are portraying this food crisis to the rest of the world. â€Å"Government officials met with supermarket chain representatives to guarantee supplies,† and according to stateRead MoreThe Methods Of Legalitarianization In Russia And The Legalization Of Russia1320 Words   |  6 Pagespainfully awkward propaganda move there was backlash from the writer of the song saying they don’t support him or the Venezuelan government in any way. This shows that for propaganda to be effective there has to be support building already . People will be more willing to accept propaganda if they already support the ideology, it supplementally builds support. Though social media and pop culture can be used as strong propaganda, as seen by Putin, it takes time to build. Failure to use effective propagandaRead MoreCensorship Freedom Of The Press1746 Words   |  7 Pagesfreedom of the press as the right to communicate ideas, opinions, and information through the printed world without government restraint. On the other part, Sunwoo Nam and Inhwan Oh (1973, p.74), described freedom of the press as the freedom of the media to engage in the adversary role, being a vigilant and independent watchdog of the government, free to criticize the policies and personnel of the power elite without fear of arbitrary sanction. Both authors focused on the main element of freedom whichRead MoreMedi A Powerful Tool Of Communication1409 Words   |  6 PagesEssay Media, being the most powerful tool of communication there is, influence societies in many ways. In fact the hypodermic needle theory states that passive audiences are directly influenced by media. On the other hand, from a Marxist perspective, one can argue the opposite that it is the audiences who influence the information which is produced via the media. In this essay this group assessed and contrasted the media of three countries namely Singapore, Jamaica and Bolivia in relation to theirRead MoreLatin America And The Caribbean2587 Words   |  11 PagesAtlantic Ocean, between Colombia and Guyana. The north of the country is bordered by the Caribbean, the east by Guyana and the Atlantic Ocean, the south by Brazil, and to the west and southwest by Colombia. Venezuela has four distinguished regions: the Venezuelan Highlands in the west, the Maracaibo Lowlands in the northwest, the vast central plain of Los Llanos around the Orinoco River, and the Guyana region in the extreme south , which includes part of the Amazon rainforest and the Guyana highlands. Venezuela’sRead MoreThe Role Of Media Systems Throughout The United States1992 Words   |  8 Pagesexpectancy comparable to that of the United States. Costa Rica also has a legacy of supporting education, beginning with universal free public education in 1879, thus leading to the rapid development and expansion of all forms of media. To fully understand the role of Media Systems throughout Costa Rica, we must first consider the nation’s history. In the colonial era, Costa Rica was often forgotten, as it lacked the labor force and mineral wealth the Spanish colonists were interested in. In 1824Read MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesatmosphere changes. The least politicized voters, those who are undecided as the election nears and those whose decision to vote for a candidate or ballot measure could be easily changed, are the primary target of the bulk of the 155 campaigns media blitz. For these voters, the campaign will create short, memorable slogans plus blasts at the opposition. The newspapers then react and give primary attention to these slogans, to the mudslinging, and to the rise and fall of the polls. The issuesRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesInterior Design: Suzanne Duda and Michael Fruhbeis Permissions Project Manager: Shannon Barbe Manager, Cover Visual Research Permissions: Karen Sanatar Manager Central Design: Jayne Conte Cover Art: Getty Images, Inc. Cover Design: Suzanne Duda Lead Media Project Manager: Denise Vaughn Full-Service Project Management: Sharon Anderson/BookMasters, Inc. Composition: Integra Software Services Printer/Binder: Edwards Brothers Cover Printer: Coral Graphics Text Font: 10/12 Weidemann-Book Credits and acknowledgments

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Gang Violence Essay - 987 Words

In society most people feel safe and do not have a sense of urgency that something appalling will transpire around them. Although these people may hear about the surplus of current events going on around the world today that may be abysmal they tend to not care because they perceive that it will not arise around their home. Gang violence in youths is a prominent problem around numerous portions of the world today. Youths are forced to go along with the engagements taken place in the gang which can be cataclysmic to society and themselves. The life of a youth and their family can be altered by just one simple decision to join a gang, put many people in danger of being hurt, however there are still many workable solutions to put these†¦show more content†¦This is noticeable because it not only affects the appearance of the youth but it also affects their decisions. Due to the colossal amounts of drugs consumed by these teens they are habitually subconscious while making decisi ons which leave them susceptible to constructing bad decisions. . It is tough for a family of a youth in a gang but it is even tougher for the youth themselves to acclimate to. Therefore as portrayed, it can be really overwhelming for both a youth and their family when their child decides to join a gang. Gangs put society in an unsafe state filled with destruction. Lee states that â€Å"A twenty one year old man was stabbed to death by several gang members† (2). This is just a portion of the massive deterioration caused by a gang. Gangs tend to do things that are even more severe, especially youth gangs. Hagdorn justifies this by stating â€Å"youth gangs destroy society both mentally and physically†. (8) They destroy society physically by hurting people and killing innocent people. The mental obliteration takes a more sophisticated method. They use stereotypical comments that portray prejudice conceptions which pertain to mainly ethnic groups and different racial gro ups. Cohan mentions that â€Å"the number of street gang killings has risen up more than 50 % between 2005 to 2008† (1). This means many innocent people are losing their lives while doing their everyday routine such as walking on the streets. If walking on the streets putsShow MoreRelatedThe Violence Of Gangs And Gangs1377 Words   |  6 PagesGangs have become one of the nation’s fastest growing problems within recent history. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 2.4 million members are criminally active in the U.S. today. They use violence to control neighborhoods and boost their illegal moneymaking activities, which include but are not limited to: robbery, drug and gun trafficking, fraud, extortion, and prostitute rings. With as much researchRead MoreGangs: Crime and Gang Violence1549 Words   |  7 PagesGangs Gangs are a violent reality that people have to deal with in today s cities. What has made these groups come about? Why do kids feel that being in a gang is both an acceptable and prestigious way to live? The long range answer to these questions can only be speculated upon, but in the short term the answers are much easier to find. On the surface, gangs are a direct result of human beings personal wants and peer pressure. To determine how to effectively end gang violence weRead MoreA Review of Gang Violence1357 Words   |  5 PagesRe: Increased Incidents of Gang Violence within Broward County, Florida The purpose of this paper is to review and verify a recent study by Scott H. Decker of the University of Missouri – St. Louis, entitled Collective and Normative Features in Gang Violence (Decker VanWinkle, 1996). The study will attempt to address why our local increase in gang violence has reached monumental heights causing an increase in gang members appearing your court. The overall theme of the study depicts overallRead MoreThe Problem Of Gang Violence1356 Words   |  6 PagesGang violence has grown to be a great problem in El Salvador in the last 30 years. Gangs have grown into large, complex organized crime units; the two largest gangs, MS13 (also known as Mara Salvatrucha 13) and Barrio18 (also known as Calle18), now encompass large parts of Central America. Both gangs rely heavily on local drug-peddling, which drives most of the general gang violence. The desire for control over certain areas had forged a fierce rivalry, in which civilians are often endangered whenRead MoreGang Violence Essay1886 Words   |  8 PagesCarolina Governor’s crime commission states that there are 1,446 gangs across the state with a total of 19,000 members. The average age of gang membership is 15 years old (Our Initiatives-Gang Prevention). In the 1980’s national gangs began to shift from just the bad street type local criminals to taking on pu blic arrangements involved with drug trafficking and other illegal activities. As there power and membership increased gangs were being recognized in locations outside of their regular neighborhoodRead More Gang Violence Essay812 Words   |  4 Pages Gang Violence nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Nowadays gangs are big issues in America. People who are in gang feel like they belong some where and people care about them. There are various reasons people join gangs, and almost all age group between ages 12-40 are involved in gangs. One of the big reasons people join gangs is because of their needs, protection, and also they want attention from people around them. Gang’s should be taken seriously because today’s gangs are more violent and brutalRead MoreGangs And Their Role With The Violence1815 Words   |  8 PagesG H 456 Final Project Outline Gangs and Their Role With The Violence In El Salvador I. Introduction (1 page) a. What defines gang activity? What do youths have to do with it? i. Give the definition of gang activity, what it actually is compared to the world’s stereotypical view of members ii. Prevalence of gangs in the world iii. Youth involvement iv. Differences of gangs across regions of el Salvador v. The extent of member’s participation (what does an average member do? What crimes do they commit/notRead MoreGang Violence Essay1032 Words   |  5 PagesGang Violence Gangs are becoming a growing problem in American society. More young people are turning to gangs to solve problems in there lives. When youths join gangs they drop social activities with family, friends and school. Members fall behind their classmates in school and do not try. A study shows that less than 1% of gang bangers is literate1. Gangs destroy teenager lives and destroy their chances for a good education and happy life. Gangs are now a haven for rats. TeenagersRead MoreIs Gang Violence Worth It?1964 Words   |  8 PagesUche Igbokwe Mr. Hines ELA 11 - Period 6 18 March 2016 Is Gang Violence Worth it? Back in 2015 there was a great concern with fraternity homicides, especially with Asian-American fraternities and sororities. Originated from Chinese men in 1916 attending Cornell University, there are now more than 65 Asian-American fraternities and sororities throughout the country today. They were created because Asians found themselves excluded from the other white fraternities in many universities. Unknown toRead MoreGang Violence And Its Effects2209 Words   |  9 Pages â€Å"Gang Violence Its Effects† Eric R. Thomas Tennessee Temple University In this talk about Gang Violence Its Effects, attempts will be made to show how gang violence occurs. It will also depict the effects it has on societies, and individuals. And the consequences gained both metal, and practical. Gang violence is an ever ongoing, and prevalent issue within the United States, and spreads through almost every ethnicity, and people. Gang Violence Gang violence

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Sometimes People Are Unable to Control the Directions...

Sometimes people are unable to control the direction their lives take. This can be a hard concept to grasp, but one needs to understand that one cannot control every single detail or event in one’s life, and also cannot possibly predict what will happen in the future. Obstacles of every kind will strike, whether these trials come in the form of day to day hardships, catastrophic natural disasters, or even the fate of the gods. The only thing one can really do is adapt to the new situation and try to move forward. Making decisions can be extremely difficult but one of the worst feelings a person can have is having a decision made for you. Although one may consider these changes in direction to be trivial, in truth they may actually have†¦show more content†¦Truly, human beings are left powerless to control the detrimental effects that Mother Nature has on their lives when a natural disaster hits. Furthermore, no matter how many obstacles or how impossible they may seem, even if against the will of the gods, one must still try to move forward. In Homer’s timeless epic, The Odyssey, theShow MoreRelatedNo Control At All By Jack1264 Words   |  6 PagesThis child, lets call him, Jack. With no control at all, Jack was fortunate enough to be born into high-income country, like New Zealand Then there’s, Jill. With the same amount of control as Jack, he added to the total of 10,368 children born into poverty a day. That’s one child, every 1.2 seconds Jack has a 1 in 165 chance of dying before he’s 5. Jill on the other hand is not so lucky and the odds of him reaching his 5th birthday are 1 in 6. Everyone was born into and are living in circumstancesRead MoreDifference Between Integrated Theory And Holistic Theory1200 Words   |  5 Pagesand delinquency. John Braithwaite’s theory of crime shaming and reintegration is based on a fully integrated model that uses a variety of concepts from multiple disciplines. These multiple disciplines include opportunity theory, subcultural theory, control theory,learning theory, and the labeling theory, and they rely on the notion of differential shaming. opportunity theory Braithwaite noted that their was aspiration and means both legitimate and illegitimate. In criminal delinquency there are lockedRead MoreA Conversation With Real Life Director Harrison Starr1693 Words   |  7 Pageslike he is resigned to the fact that war will always exist. In one passage Vonnegut recounts a conversation with real-life director Harrison Starr. When Vonnegut explained that he was working on an antiwar book, Harrison said â€Å"You know what I say to people when I hear they’re writing anti-war books? ... I say, ‘Why don’t you write an anti-glacier book instead?’†(3). Vonnegut informs the reader that what Harrison meant by these words of course, â€Å"was that there would always be wars, that they were asRead MoreDoctor Assisted Suicide And Suicide1585 Words   |  7 PagesIn most people s lives, they will experience a moment of knowing death is near. Whether it be with a family member or themselves, technology has been able to help society grasp an imminent death. As the human body ages, many people feel pain throughout their body, and sometimes this suffering can seem unbearable. Doctor assisted suicide has been seen as an easier way out, and the ability to end ones life has been debated constantly. When a person has terminal illness and are unable to live life theRead MoreComparing The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Gilman Perkins And The Narrator s Similarities1456 Words   |  6 Pag esGilman Perkins and the Narrator s similarities Women in the eighteenth century were confined by their husbands, and imprisoned in their own homes. Women had no rights to their own lives, or a say so in how to live it. Women at this time struggled for equality, and they were unable to think or live for themselves. If they showed any signs of being unhappy they were condemned by society and their master. In this process many women transcended into severe nervous depression. In the storyRead MoreMarijuana s Active Ingredient Is Tetrahydrocannabinol ( Thc )1189 Words   |  5 Pagestransmitted in one direction. When THC binds to cannabinoids receptors it prevents the refractory period from occurring which results in action potentials constantly being fired and this causes thoughts, thinking and imagination to amplify. Another effect that occurs is that an individual is unable to retain memories. (Intheknowzone.com, 2015) The behavioural changes that occurs when a person takes marijuana is that it impairs judgment and reasoning skills for example individuals that take marijuana onRead MoreSin : The Spiritual Walk Of A Believer1266 Words   |  6 Pageseternity separated completely from Him. He has promised to forgive us of our sins, but only if we take initiative and confess them to Him. Although Jesus died on the cross to pay our debt in full, there are still consequences when we sin against a holy and righteous God, and we don’t ask for repentance. We must acknowledge that unconfessed sin in the life of a believer will damage our ministry, take away our joy in Christ, and ultimately make us feel separated from God. When we are living in sinRead MoreCauses And Symptoms Of Cerebrovascular Accident1465 Words   |  6 Pages Jan, a 72-year-old woman has suffered a cerebrovascular accident. She Lives on her own with her three cats in a second-floor apartment. She is worried about how she will care for them as she recovers from her stroke. Following is information about her condition. What is a cerebrovascular accident? What are the signs and symptoms? What are the pathogenies of the condition? What are the body changes after the CVA? Economic impact cardiovascular disease causes. Cerebrovascular Accident (stroke)Read MorePolity: Political Culture and the Nature of Politics Essay1119 Words   |  5 Pagesclaims to have.(Carr, 2007,p.175) At the end of page 174, Carr brings up an explanation of how rules are the reason that things get done in a bureaucratic system. It is the privates that listen to their commanding officers and follow the rules and direction that the commanding officers give them. Once again, this is how things get done. Carr states, â€Å"Like any bureaucracy, the military depends upon the expertise of its commanding officers and the loyalty of its subordinates. Everyone needs to understandRead MoreEssay on Traumatic Brain Injury1393 Words   |  6 Pageseverything that you do. Damaging of the brain can cause permanent effects to you including paralyzation of the human body. It is critical that we try and protect the human brain as much as possible. Brain injuries leave everlasting effects on humans; people need to be aware of what trea tments are used on brain injuries, how they occur, and the importance of the brain. Head injuries are a rapidly growing issue within the United States today. Almost every sport player faces the fact that they may end

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Research Proposal Commercial/Economic Diplomacy of Small States

Question: Discuss about the Research Proposal for Commercial/Economic Diplomacy of Small States and Case of Kosovo. Answer: Introduction (Research Topic): Historically, the wise use of the countrys economic potential brought conductive potential gains. In the modern times, where the business competitions have reached its peak, the creative diplomacy that caters economic concerns, usually called the economic is gaining pace (Woolcock 2013). This commercial independence is difficult to establish for the small states or nations such as partially recognized state in Southeast Europe, Kosovo. Most small and microstates are characterized with having constraints of acute resource, diseconomies of scale; geophysical constraints; vulnerability to natural disasters; susceptibility to external shocks; constricted economic base and concentrated of exports on a narrow range of commodities and markets; dependence on foreign resources and restricted small domestic markets (Van Bergeijk 2014). In these circumstances, the need for placing greater emphasis on economic diplomacy is now universally recognized. Consideration of growth of the economy must r emain in the forefront of efforts to achieve of goal of the foreign policy. By considering economic diplomacy as one of the priorities of foreign policy, the permanent secretary of MFA, Kreshnik Gashi, stated that through the diplomacy bilaterally we will provide foreign investors because the republic of Kosovo, offers favorable business and economic environment for investments of different types. This ministry of foreign affairs of Kosovo is also mentioned large investment projects such as several numbers of projects in the field of energy, mining and telecom to growth of the commercial/economic negotiation for the future growth of the nation. In this research proposal, the researcher will discuss the research topic about the significance of the economic diplomacy of small states. The researcher will specifically concentrate the economic conditions of Kosovo, one of the disputed territory and partially recognized state of Southeast Europe. Stating the aim and the research objectives, the researcher will design the research hypothesis for conducting this research. By looking into the situational analysis about the research topic, the researcher will discuss the detailed literature by exploring secondary research in that section. Gathering all data and political and economical information, the researcher will analyze the beneficial impacts of the economic diplomacy for the development of Kosovo. Research Aim and Objective The aim of the research is to identify the potential of economic diplomacy for the economic growth of Kosovo. In this context the objectives of the research are as follows: To understand the importance of the commercial/economic diplomacy of small and developing states such as Kosovo To identify how economic diplomacy of small states can be beneficial for the development of the country To understand the current general economic plan resulted in formalization of economic diplomacy for the growth of the nation To identify unfamiliar economic conditions and Kosovos potentiality for the financial stability in the future Background and Literature Review Economic diplomacy is often defined as the process of engagement of the foreign policy, with the task of aiding and encouraging economic activities outside the state of the boundaries (Newman and Visoka 2016). According to Creusen and Lejour (2013), economic diplomacy is important for extending the interaction between domestic and international factors and deals with the political and economic concerns of the nation. However Berridge (2015) stated that economic diplomacy is also beneficial for achieving non-financial goals. Even though the area of economic diplomacy is comparatively new, the studies in this discipline are increasing. The Republic of Kosovo was the self governing unit of the federal Yugoslavia until 1989, when the nation was revoked for their autonomous status under the leadership of thee Serbian leader, Slobodan Milosevic (Smith, Keukeleire and Vanhoonacker 2015). During that phase, the conventional political diplomacy played a significant role during and after crisi s. Since then the economic diplomacy of Kosovo is still recognized as immature (Mamadouh et al. 2015). Even though the nation has encountered severe economic constraints, the role of the economic diplomacy in Kosovo, core to the economic security, tends to be widely ignored as it is not much prioritized (Phillips and Burns 2012). The importance of the economic diplomacy was firstly identified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chambers of Commerce of Kosovo (Kinne 2014). In 2005 Kosovo made its foundation step for the direction of economic diplomacy by the establishment of Investment Promotion Agency in Kosovo (Keukeleire, Fonck and Mtais 2015).This was initiated for the territorys development through FDI. Once the nation get independence status in 2008, Kosovo started to work more insistently towards the integration in both financial and economic growth (Berna 2013). A year later of the independence the nation has become a full member of the World Bank, IMF and a few years later also the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with getting support from the outside and through difficult negotiation. Now the Republic of Kosovo has built a stable democracy with the help of economic diplomacy that cannot be threatened by internal political strain. With the strength of democratic institutions, the country has been improving the overall economy and successfully creates jobs which have enabled the new government to quickly focus on its activity on immediate priorities. By engaging several foreign policies, the nations security and prosperity have become priorities which ensure that Kosovo is operating towards rightful place in the community of European nation. However, the economy of Kosovo is still in transition state and constantly finds international supports and encouragement from the influential Western power to improve the status of the developing economy. Now the government of Kosovo is still struggling to get the WTO membership. There are many economic indicators of Kosovo stated that the growth of the GDP is crucial, taking into the consideration of the global economic crisis, high inflation and the corresponding lowering FDI. However, many researchers have suggested that there are many scopes to ensure the economic growth of Kosovo in the future. Research Hypothesis: Based on the review of the literature, the researcher can develop the relevant research hypothesis to conduct the research in a most appropriate manner. H1: the potential economic diplomacy of Kosovo can be beneficial for the strategic developments of the country. H0: the potential economic diplomacy of small states does not considered as beneficial for the development of Kosovo H2: the economic diplomacy can increase Kosovos weak economy H0: the economic diplomacy does not increase Kosovos weak economy Methodology of the Research Methodology is the philosophical framework within which the research is conducted. Based upon this foundation step, the researcher will conduct this research and data will be collected and analyzed with maintaining the relevance of research aim and objectives. By the use of various techniques and tools, the researcher will conduct this process. This research would need to select an appropriate as well as a proper research design in order to identify as well as demonstrate the significance and the impact of the commercial or the economic diplomacy of Kosovo. The purpose of the research design is for exploring particular aspects of the area of research. The researcher can select three kinds of research designs such as Explanatory, exploratory as well as descriptive research design. The Descriptive design of research mainly gives the extra information regarding the topic of research. The researcher gathers information in this particular approach instead of making elaborate models or gue sses for predicting the future. Apart from that, the Exploratory Research Design demonstrates as the initial research into the theoretical or the hypothetical ideas. Hence, the researcher has generated an observation in this particular research regarding the topic of the research. In addition, the explanatory design of research is demonstrated as an attempt for connecting concepts for understanding various issues associated with this particular research. The researcher would follow the descriptive design of research for this particular research. The researcher would be able to gain a deepened understanding of the significance or the impact of commercial or economic diplomacy of small states such as Kosovo by approaching this particular research design. The researcher would also decide in this particular section the appropriate approach of gathering such data as well as information those are important for conducting this research. Hence, the Secondary data collection method would be utilized in this research to perform the entire data analysis. The secondary data collection method is necessary in order to conduct the extensive literature for this research regarding the subject of this particular research. Hence, in this secondary data collection method, the data sources would explore several books, peer-reviewed articles as well as journals regarding the significance as well as impact of the commercial or economic diplomacy of the small states like Kosovo. With the help of the data sources, the impact and the significance of the economic or commercial diplomacy of Kosovo would be discussed properly. Often, it is considered after the researcher has gathered some useful insight and understanding into the concerned impact by analyzing the secondary research. Hence, the researcher would explore the quantitative data to get the best outcomes of this research in relation to the topic. Data Collection and Research To conduct this research successfully, the relevant data and information will be collected by the use of secondary data research method (O'Leary 2013). It is relevant to gather secondary data which have already been evaluated by different perspectives of several economists, scholars, and political advisers and analysts of Kosovo. Though the term of economic diplomacy is fairly new, but apparently the research and evaluation of this concept is rapidly acknowledged in many research scholars and political journals. Thus, it would be easy for the researcher to access the impacts of the economic growth of Kosovo by exploring various quantitative resources. After gathering such data, the researcher will analyze to develop the research outcome. The quantitative data research method will set the hypothesis for determine the research outcome (Pickard 2012). Such developed hypothesis will deliver thee important and impacts of the research topic. The theme of the research will suggest whether the potential of economic diplomacy for Kosovos economic growth can be a beneficial affair as far as the development of the economic growth for the nation or not. Incorporating all these hypotheses into the quantitative data analysis method, the researcher will find the ultimate research outcome at the end of this research. Gantt chart 0-2 03-06 07 08-10 11-12 13-18 19-26 Research Activities Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks selection of Research topic Secondary data Collection Prepare Layout Literature Review Research Plan proposal Research technique selection Collection of Secondary data Data analysis Data findings conclusion Rough draft Research work submission (Source: Created by author) References: Berna, I.B., 2013. The role of European economic diplomacy in the Western Balkans. Economics, Management and Financial Markets, 8(4), p.196. Berridge, G.R., 2015. Economic and Commercial Diplomacy. In Diplomacy (pp. 210-224). Palgrave Macmillan UK. Creusen, H. and Lejour, A., 2013. Market entry and economic diplomacy. Applied Economics Letters, 20(5), pp.504-507. Keukeleire, S., Fonck, D. and Mtais, R., 2015. 13 The EUs structural diplomacy towards Kosovo. The Diplomatic System of the European Union: Evolution, Change and Challenges, 116, p.215. Kinne, B.J., 2014. Dependent diplomacy: Signaling, strategy, and prestige in the diplomatic network. International Studies Quarterly, 58(2), pp.247-259. Mamadouh, V., Meijer, A., Sidaway, J.D. and van der Wusten, H., 2015. Toward an urban geography of diplomacy: Lessons from The Hague. The Professional Geographer, 67(4), pp.564-574. Newman, E. and Visoka, G., 2016. The Foreign Policy of State Recognition: Kosovos Diplomatic Strategy to Join International Society. Foreign Policy Analysis, p.orw042. O'Leary, Z., 2013. The essential guide to doing your research project. Sage. Phillips, D.L. and Burns, N., 2012. Liberating Kosovo: Coercive Diplomacy and US Intervention. Mit Press. Pickard, A., 2012. Research methods in information. Facet publishing. Smith, M., Keukeleire, S. and Vanhoonacker, S. eds., 2015. The diplomatic system of the European Union: evolution, change and challenges (Vol. 116). Routledge. Van Bergeijk, P.A., 2014. Economic diplomacy and the geography of international trade. Edward Elgar Publishing. Woolcock, S., 2013. European Union economic diplomacy: the role of the EU in external economic relations. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd..

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Rookie Of The Year Essays - Cactus League, Jackie Robinson

Rookie Of The Year Who is the rookie this year? Do you think that the Brooklyn Dodgers have had a rough season? With all of the sicknesses and all of the losses. And with the fact that the Cardinals are always in first. They want to win the pennant so bad. The manager Spike wants to win it fairly. They are doing pretty good though. Thrid place isn't a bad one. The Brooklyn Dodgers have been playing hard to get where they are. There were alot of hardships that they all had to over look. They also made an awsome come back to make it to the playoffs, then they beat out the Pitsburg Pirates so the can play the St. Louis Cardnials in the finals. If you wanna find out how they did your just going to have to read on. He doesn't want his players to be drinking anything during the season. If he catches them there in for it deep. The coach will fine the players the first time their caught with fifty dollars. The second time they get suspended and a hundred dollar fine. The third time..well there isn't a third time. When the coach made this statement at the end of a game in the locker room, the most mouthy person on the team even knew that he meant it because Raz didn't say a thing. The coach has also almost caught many people on the team but they get extremely lucky and get away with it. The players think that alcohol is the answer to all the stress after the game. Yet the coach knows that it will only get the players sick and he is only doing this so that the players stay safe for the games. Bones was fined once for alcohol and it wasn't to much his fault. It was because of his roomie who took him out and got him drunk because he thought he was to stressed out. Spike made an example out of Bones and they moved Bones with another room mate. Bones Hathaway was now stuck with an old veteran pitcher and he didn't like it. Mr. MacManus who owned the team was going to suspend Bones Hathaway because Spike was being a hot head. He kept screwing thing up and Mr. MacManus was going to take it out on his team. Luckely Spikes brother Bob was there and cooled Mr. macmanus' temper. The Dodgers have been playing tons of games just so they can win the pentane. All they want is the pentant. They even play games from like ten o'clock at night and can go on till two a.m. The Cardinals are in first, Pirates in second, and the Dodgers in third. They have beaten the Cardinals before but not enough times to move ranks around. They want to face the Cardinals in the World Series for the pentane because they are pretty sure that they can beat them. The Dodgers were actually on a winning streak at one point then their best rookie pitcher became sick. He was one of the reasons they had a winning streak but on the first day they won he had bacon, eggs, and toast. The next game he ate the same breakfast and they won again. So he was being superstitious and ate that breakfast for eleven days straight. The coach gave a long speach about them eating right and he was very upset that his best rookie pitcher was sick. Spike had a talk with Bones Hathaway after he got better and asked him some question. He wanted to make sure that Bones wasn't getting sick because the other team paid him and that Bones was a good hitter but didn't show it because the other team paid him. The last game. Only one game was left for those courageous Brooklyn Dodgers. They made it. They made it all they to the pentane game. It was just them and the St. Louis Cardinals. Before the game their manager Spike game them a little speech. It wasn't much, but it was enough. Spike told the team about what would happen if the won. He told them how great it has been playing ball with them. He also told them that he would rather lose with this team then win with the New York Yankees. Spike told them how happy they made him that they go this far and no matter win or lose he would always love this team.

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buy custom The French Revolution essay

buy custom The French Revolution essay Gilbert (2005) defines French Revolution as the period of radical political and social upheaval in France between 1789 and 1799, which lead to the establishment of France as a republic. During this time the French society went through an epic transformation as religious, feudal and aristocratic privileges disappeared because of a sustained attack from radical left-wing masses on the streets, peasants in the rural areas and political groups. New enlightenment principles of inalienable rights, equality and citizenship abruptly overthrew old ideas concerning hierarchy and tradition. The French Revolution was an essential event in the Western historical context and a single most significant influence on British philosophical, political and intellectual life in the nineteenth century (Gilbert, 2005). This discussion will consider the causes and effects of the French Revolution. Causes of French revolution Old Regime is the first underlying cause of French Revolution (Gilbert, 2005). This resulted in the division of the people of France into three estates. The first estate, which held about 10 percent of the total land in France, represented the highest church officials. These officials did not pay direct taxes to the royal government. Another estate constituted of the nobles who occupied about 20 percent of the total land in France. However, the nobles were only two percent of the total population in France, and they paid no taxes. The third estate underwent further division into three groups, namely bourgeoisie, peasant farmers and the urban lower classes. According to Gilbert (2005), the third estate was about 98 percent of the population in France. This estate spent about 50 percent of their income in taxes. Individuals paid royal taxes, feudal dues and they owed corvee. Another underlying cause of the French Revolution was the raising of taxes (Gilbert, 2005). However, the third estate was already paying enough tax, but the population in the second estate refused t pay taxes, which worsened the problem. The American Revolution was another underlying cause of the French Revolution (Gilbert, 2005). This occurred when the French experienced an enormous debt because of helping the Americans. The Americans also overthrew a supreme monarch and achieved freedom. The effect of the teachings and writings of various renowned philosophers in France is the fourth principal or underlying cause of the French Revolution. Many people borrowed ideas from philosophers like John Locke, who recommended freedom from oppression. This was the Age of Enlightenment, in which the famous thinkers included Rousseau, Voltaire and Montesquieu. They attacked the French society and French government and they suggested that people should have equal rights. The thinkers wrote pamphl ets and books, which played a significant role in altering the French social structure (Gilbert, 2005). Apart from the underlying causes of the French Revolution were the immediate causes and a spark. The rising price of bread was an immediate cause of French Revolution (Gilbert, 2005). In the previous year people did not harvest enough grain, which led to the shortage of raw materials. The poor relied on bread as the only thing they could afford and making breads expensive would consequently starve the poor. Locking the third estates delegates out of their meeting room was another immediate cause of the French Revolution (Gilbert, 2005). Abby Sieyes, who was the deputy of the Third Estate, suggested that the estate becomes the National Assembly. Despite the effort of the king locking the Third Estates delegates out of their meeting room, they continued to meet. The delegates started holding their meetings in a nearby Tennis Court. A spark of the revolution is the event that triggered off the French Revolution when King Louis ordered the Swiss guards to Paris. King Louis hired the Swis s mercenaries because he could not rely on his own military. However, he called the Swiss mercenaries off when a mob attached the Bastille (Gilbert, 2005). Effects of the French Revolution In spite of the French Revolution taking place in France, many countries across the world felt its effects (Gilbert, 2005). Civil disorder was very common after the mob stormed the Bastille. In France, the landowning and bourgeois classes became the dominant power following the revolution. Feudalism ended and the Code Napoleon consolidated contractual relations and the social order. The French Revolution unified France, which promoted the power of the national state. The Napoleonic and Revolutionary wars dismantled Europes ancient structure, accelerated the coming of nationalism and introduced the era of modern, total welfare. Establishment of the ranks of men in the Revolutionary Army relied on caliber and not on class (Gilbert, 2005). Some aftermaths of the French Revolution belong to the category of cultural effects. The French Revolutionary government embraced the use of the metric system, which spread across the world (Gilbert, 2005). Now only three countries, namely the United States, Liberia and Myanmar do not use the metric system. The Great French War resulted in the spread of the French culture. This war ensured that French fashion has spread throughout Europe, such that, during the French Revolution, citizens started dressing in a modest manner (Gilbert, 2005). Men and women started to cut hair closer to their scalps. The wealthy men started putting on beggar clothing and women put on fashions that resembled the ancient Pagan Greeks thin gowns (Gilbert, 2005). The causes of the French Revolution included the underlying causes, immediate causes and a spark. Most of the causes took place in France where the French society went through an epic transformation. Various parts of the world experienced political, social and cultural effects of the French revolution. Therefore, the French Revolution is a significant period whose effects have influenced the way of life across the world (Gilbert, 2005). Buy custom The French Revolution essay

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Discuss how the credit crunch could affect corporate decision making Essay

Discuss how the credit crunch could affect corporate decision making over the next few years - Essay Example Taking the Asian example, in the years succeeding 1997, both the demand and supply were determined to have been affected by the credit crunch. Demand for credit declined as consumption and investment were sharply reduced due to uncertainty, overcapacity, weakening economic conditions, and the negative wealth effect arising from a fall in asset prices. The borrowers lost credit worthiness, which made banks reluctant to lend, even at higher interest rates. The financial system will also be affected in such a situation, resulting in the decline of supply of credit, which further weakens its demand (Lindgren, 1999, p. 24 - 25). According to Jubak (2007), in a credit crunch, lenders stop lending and credit becomes tough to obtain. Credit crunch is a crisis that feeds on fear and uncertainty. A lender can compensate for fear by raising interest rates, tightening credit standards or writing more protective covenants into the terms of a loan. But if the size of the losses is uncertain enough, lenders cant compensate for the additional risk because lenders dont know how large that risk might be. Credit crunch is characterized by extremely depressed liquidity and deteriorated balance sheet positions for households, corporations and financial institutions; sharply increased interest rates as all sectors scramble for remaining available funds; rising yield differentials as investors sell risky investments and switch to safe assets; a severely depresses stock market; and the inability of many borrowers to obtain funds at any cost (Wolfson, 1994, p. 22). The supply of funds is restricted not only because of the tight monetary policy by reducing bank reserves, but also due to smaller deposit inflows to financial institutions and reduced savings flows (Wolfson, 1994, p. 22). In order to study the causes of credit crunch, Clair and Tucker (1993) focus on the Texas banking industry and the credit crunch phase of seven years starting 1986. The authors